Sports, Dance, Music & Art
Education is incomplete without active participation in sport, appreciation of music and dance and the capacity to create. Every student is trained in one art or sport as per his/ her interests in school. These include classical dance, tabla, harmonium & vocal singing, athletics, cricket, karate, football, kho-kho, swimming etc.

The school has well maintained courts, well equipped rooms, resources & other facilities for games that give ample opportunity to students to grow in these areas. RIS is affiliated to the District Cricket Association. Professionally qualified staff ensures high standards of training. Students do not have to bear any additional costs for using the facilities and training.

The school organises various in-school competitions to tap the hidden talent in students and nurture it. Quizzes, exhibitions, gathering, sports days and competitions like elocution, singing, dancing and drawing are organised on a regular basis providing them various platforms to showcase their talent.

Sr. No. ECA Activity Applicable Grades
1 Vocal/ Harmonium V to X
2 Cricket V to X
3 Football III TO X
4 Tabla V to X
5 Kathak I to X
6 Taekwondo & Boxing (Karate) I to X
7 Skating I to X
8 Art & craft I to X
9 Calligraphy & Handwriting I to X
10 Basket Ball V to X
11 Badminton V to X
12 Drum Set IV to X
13 Hand Ball VIII to X
14 Volley Ball V to X